Chevrolet Volt is Real and On Schedule at the Los Angeles Auto Show

December 4, 2009

Los Angeles, CA

The Volt Takes Tinseltown by Storm

Since its announcement less than three years ago, the Volt has become one of the most anticipated electric vehicles in development. Unlike other EV's, the Volt conquers what industry insiders are calling "range anxiety" with its extended range capability. After traveling 40 miles on electricity from a single battery charge, Voltec technology kicks in a gas powered generator continuing to run the vehicle for another 300 miles. This week at the Los Angeles Auto Show journalists and even consumers will get to test this breakthrough technology and drive a fully operational Volt. Chevrolet says the car is on track to hit show rooms in November 2010. Available video includes b-roll of the Volt and from the LA Auto Show, as well as soundbites from Kim Reynolds of Motor Trend and Tony Posawatz of Chevrolet.