Electric Cars Light Up the Classroom



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Video: Middle School Class (((Announcer voice over))) (Nat Sod) question from student With electric cars about to become widely available as an alternative to gasoline, they are no longer a quote, "science project." But that's not stopping some schools from using them to teach kids about the future. Soundbite 1 – Sundie Guttovz, Teacher, Walnut Creek Middle School [01:00:26] (((Suggested Soundbite))) We have the opportunity to give the children an authentic learning opportunity. GM has done a lot of research and aligned- several lessons- with our standards and benchmarks and the kids get a chance to learn about electricity and how it's going to impact their future. Soundbite 2 – Cullen Brewer, 8th Grader [01:58:14] (((suggested Soundbite))) Eventually we're going to run out of gasoline, it's not endless, um for having some way to avoid that and the what would happen with running out of gasoline is probably a good idea and they're most of all they're good for the environment in many ways. Video: (((Announcer voice over))) General Motors worked with educators to create a curriculum that met national standards and worked in real world concepts, and is making it available to schools across the country. Soundbite 3 – Sharon Basel, General Motors [02:18:07] Video: Soundbite: The curriculum in the classroom today is the Power of the Plug. How electricity will be changing our lives again and very relevant as we talk about the future of transportation being electric powered versus gasoline powered …and how it will be relevant in their lives in the years to come. Video: (((voice-over))) Nat Sod – students with the Volt Students in this 8th grade class were eager to learn more about electric cars, and weren't shy about how they felt. Soundbite 4 – Andy Ponce, 8th Grader \ [02:07:08] (((Soundbite))) Mom, dad this is the future and this is going to change our world forever. Video: (((Announcer Voice-Over))) GM has many free lesson plans on various topics for all age groups. available at GM.com/education. I'm XXX
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