• 16-JUN-2015

2016 Chevrolet Volt: Used Chevrolet Volt Batteries Help Power New Data Center

Fonted Package - 2016 Chevrolet Volt: Used Volt Batteries Power New Data Center

With Solar and Wind Renewables Combined, Data Center Goal is Zero Net Energy Use

The Chevy Volt batteries have an eight year, hundred thousand mile warranty, but what happens when their life is done as an electric vehicle battery? After its mission in the vehicle, Volt batteries have up to 80% of battery life remaining – enough to supply power to a building!

At the General Motors Milford Proving Ground, five Volt batteries are storing excess energy from solar panels and wind turbines to help keep the power on at the new General Motors Enterprise Data Center.

With the use of solar and wind renewables, along with the Volt battery backup the integration is seamless in providing all the energy needs for the Data Center’s administration building, which is equivalent to ten homes.

Experiments like these will help Chevy better understand the use of former electric vehicle batteries and how they can help with new innovations.