• 02-NOV-2011

Chevrolet Celebrates 100 Years of Iconic Cars

100 Year Car Dealerships Fonted Package

Car buyers weren't always able to build their dream car on the internet, share it on Facebook, and then bring it to the dealer and say, "I want this!" Years ago, it was different. It was all about the dealers listening to the customers and learning what they want.

There are few car dealers that have been around for an entire century, and Jim Ferman's dealership is one of them. Jim is a fifth-generation owner of Ferman Chevrolet in Tampa which became a qualified Chevy dealer in 1921. Jim said when his family started the business they perfected the art of making long-lasting relationships with the people in his community so they would keep coming back. And it worked!

Now, even with the explosion of the internet, Jim says customer service remains just as important as it was when they started. Besides Ferman's dealership, there are approximately 132 other dealerships in 39 states to make up a select group that have been in business for more than 50 years.

To keep themselves involved with the locals within various cities and towns across the United States, Chevy dealers have become social institutions and community leaders. They sponsor local youth sporting leagues, local charities and conduct child safety clinics. Dealer principals and personnel also lead Kiwanis Clubs and host car enthusiasts meetings.