• 26-OCT-2010

Cruze Without Compromise

Chevrolet Cruze Air Bags

Small, fuel-efficient cars are one of the fastest growing segments in the market. Once considered the step-child of the auto industry, the next generation of compact cars is here with the Chevrolet Cruze. In response to the growing need to downsize your vehicle, without downsizing your lifestyle, General Motors is making smaller cars without compromising quality. Cars like the Chevrolet Cruze are blending comfort, performance and safety into a more affordable package while meeting, and in some cases, rivaling luxury standards. In fact, the new Cruze comes equipped with 10 airbags. In addition to the achieving the highest safety ratings, they're also more connected then ever before, offering drivers premium sound systems, hands-free wireless technology and ports to plug in iPods, iPhones and more.